Medium Chest Bag Australian Made 60cm L x 37cm H x 32cm D

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Approximately 60cm L x 37cm H x 32cm D
 Zip opens around the top of this bag. With 2 zip pulls which makes them lockable. Heavy duty zip and handles, with the zip area covered. Two layers on the base for extra strength and to protect the handles which go all the way under the bag. You can not see them from the outside of bag as they are covered by the double base


You can add extra embroidery by going to the longhorn menu and selecting the piece of embroidery you want and then add it to your cart.  Comment in the comment box which bag you would like the embroidery on if you are purchasing more than one bag. If you add a name we will put the name on one side and the picture on the other.


Most pieces of embroidery come in two sizes so you for this size bag you would pick the embroidery for carry on size and bigger.


At Gidgee Smith Bags we have over 100 online products, that are made to order and are posted out in 3 working days. We have a wide range of plain pvc colours to pick from, as well as oil cloth prints and fabric prints to choose from.

All our bags are made in Morven in South West Queensland. We do not out source the manufacturing of any of our products, and we employ local residents to make your products.

To my knowledge we are the only company that puts a double layer on the base of to the bag, which protects the handles that go all the way under the bag in give double strength on the base of the bag. We only use the best quality of products, to make the bags, so all our zips and handles are all heavy duty.

To select your colour combination simply select a top, side and base sample in the option boxes. If you want embroidery on your bag, you must select that you want embroidery, then select a font option, and thread colour.

Not all products can have embroidery, there will be an embroidery option if it can be embroidered. There are 2 styles of lettering Cursive or Block. Plain coloured bags are embroidered on the side, unless they are chest bags where they are embroidered on the top or the lid of the bag. Oil cloth or fabric bags are embroidered on the top or on the plain colour. We do not embroider on the oil cloth or fabric section of the bag as it will damage the fabric.

You can add an extra line of embroidery after you have added your bag to the cart. Simply go to the embroidery menu and add it to your cart. Make sure you comment which bag you want the embroidery on if you have more than one item in your cart.

We are happy to exchange sizes of bags if you have purchased standard colours and patterns. If we do not think that we can sell the colour combination, that you have had made up than we reserve the right not to exchange the product. Bags that have embroidery or additional options like pockets on them can’t be exchanged. Bags must be returned in 14 days in the original condition.

The best way to contact us is via email [email protected] or via the contact form on the Web page. You can also fill out the fill a prefect bag form at the bottom of each Web page.







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