Plasma Art Off line Sales

All pieces are made from 2mm steel and are coated with uv treated Resin. No two pieces are the same which is why we do not sell online. We do have pieces in our shop front ready to be posted.  We can do special orders with certain colour combinations for multiple piece orders , however the turn around times on these products is longer than our online bag sales. You can email us or phone 0746548380 for sales. Please provide your mobile phone number so we can send photo's of what we have in stock.


Plasma Resin Garden Art Guinea Fowl LargePlasma resin Garden Art FrogsPlasma Resin Garden Art FishPlasma Resin Garden Art RoosterPlasma Resin Garden Art FrogPlasma Resin Garden Art DovePlasma Resin garden Art ChookPlasma Resin Garden Art WrenPlasma Resin Garden Art SwallowPlasma Resin Garden Art Bird on a branchPlasma Resin Garden Art RobinKookaburra Plasma Garden ArtFairyfly Plasma Resin Garden ArtPlasma Resin Garden Art Butterfly